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Digital Banking

Middle and Back Automation | Consumer Life Cycle Management
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Consumer Banking

Customer Onboarding | Regulatory Control
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Consumer Finance

Compliance and Risk Management | Intelligent Automation | Scalability
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In today’s increasingly uncertain world, the Banking industry whether traditional or digital are competing to meet the changing expectations of their customers. For businesses to thrive in this digital age automating middle and back office processes has become crucial.

We work with our clients to help them harness the power of technology to transform their business and grow at pace. 

Whether outdated legacy or new Fintech solutions, we provide technology consulting and implementation services to support digital transformation by combining deep domain expertise with intelligent automation capabilities. Ripping out legacy systems is risky and expensive, our approach is different. We use ‘Intelligent Glue’ to connect and enhance existing systems & data to deliver an immediate return. We implement at speed – our golden rule is that implementations must be live and start to add value in 90 days.

Through leveraging next-generation automation technologies our clients can quickly react to changing market conditions, empowering their people, and bridging digital gaps to future proof their business.


Our Expertise

Digital Banking

Automate middle and back office to ensure customer lifecycle and journey through “Intelligent Glue”, whilst managing fraud and customer onboarding all through a “single Pane of Glass”.

Consumer Banking

Customer on-boarding and lifecycle is key in today’s consumer banking, having to manage digital and traditional channels to retain and support your customers is challenging, this is where our expertise comes in.

Consumer Finance

Driving efficiency in loan and mortgage origination and management, whilst maintaining compliance and risk management is key to any provider or broker. Intelligent automation helps drive and maintain this process to provide enterprise level solutions helping to maintain and grow your customer base.


At psKINETIC, we provide exact fit, first-time right solutions to our FinTech customers, focusing on Neobanks, Payment Process Providers and Wealth Tech.

Through leveraging next-generation automation technologies our clients are pioneers who use our technology to innovate and adjust with market trends, empowering their people to future proof their business.

Our ethos is simple, we enable the success of people through intelligent automation.

Our Expertise


Building a challenger bank from the ground up with enterprise level automation solutions. Workflow process from design for case management, fraud management, institutional on-boarding and escalation routes to MPV1 within 90 days.

Payment Processing

Payment providers have moved into the tech space to provide instant account to account capability. Through automated processes, merchants can be onboarded within minutes providing full sanction, company, director checks and fraud handling with institutional on-boarding.

Open Banking and Open Finance

Fast becoming part of the FS ecosystem, Open Banking services with regulated third-party providers offers customers, business and e-commerce a consistent, standard and secure way to connect account providers and allow payments. Whether for AISPs, PISPs, TSPs or account providers our solutions and accelerators allow our B2B customers to manage the full lifecycle, from institutional on-boarding, KYC, AML to Fraud prevention.

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Success Stories

Addiko Bank

Recognising their processes were complex and inefficient, Addiko Bank digitalised their internal processes making them consistent across operating countries. Committed to exceptional customer service, they were able to automate their loan process, cutting customer waiting time in half unlocking huge savings.

Piraeus Bank

Having made a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers, Piraeus Bank needed to unify critical business functions on a centralized platform, leverage existing IT assets, and the data they contain and avoid costly “rip-and-replace” measures. The Appian platform equipped the bank’s employees with comprehensive access to the data, processes, collaborations, reports and dashboards needed to optimize how work gets done across the organization.

Bendigo Bank

Considered one of the largest banks in Australia, Bendigo Bank reorganised itself to become customer centric and so needed to break down silos and connect disparate portions of its operations into one unified, quality customer experience. In 18 months, the bank rolled out 25 customer-focused enterprise applications on Appian.