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Intelligent Automation
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In a digital world, clients expect services to be available 24/7 so insurance providers need to be able to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving consumer behaviour. At a time when insurers have the greatest need for digital pathways to their services, many strategic digital transformation programmes have been placed on hold.

We help insurance providers utilise intelligent automation to thrive in a digital age through a series of digital customer journey accelerators designed to start delivering value within 90 days.

Intelligent Glue

We know your business is unique, that’s why our experts work with you to assess and provide the best solution, using the right tools for your business. With our ‘Intelligent Glue’ we connect we connect and enhance existing systems and services and combine multiple data sources into a single, dynamic interface to enhance staff productivity.

Our intelligent, process automation technology handles all the hard work to reduce operating cost, lower risk and increase growth. Enhancing core systems enables your teams to concentrate on what is important – delivering a better user experience.

Our ethos is simple, we enable the success of people through intelligent automation.

Our Expertise


Whilst most insurers have invested heavily in back office claims processing platforms, the customer experience and claims fulfilment aspects are often deprioritised.
Our Digital Claims Journey Accelerators are designed to help insurance providers quickly deliver digital services to their colleagues and clients within 90 days.

MGAs and Brokers

Inflexible and dated broker admin systems together with manual workarounds, make it difficult to realise the cost savings post M&A activity. We connect and enhance existing systems to streamline and automate processes, helping you meet your customers expectations. Whether you need enhanced data connections or self-service online portals, we can help you become digitalised within 90 days.

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streamlining back office operations, and creating a single customer view – decreasing operating
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