Core Themes 2022 report
Private Banking & Wealth Management
Core Themes 2022 report
Private Banking & Wealth Management
The core themes and challenges for 2022
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Core Themes 2022 report
Is your data ready for Digital Transformation?
Our latest insight article covers five important factors to check when considering implementing a digital transformation plan.

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Private Banking & Wealth Management (PBWM) companies are experiencing considerable changes in regulatory compliance, with commercial pressure mounting to drive core efficiencies, and improve controls.

With the changing industry landscape, the customer journey has become all-important. Middle and back office have become key priorities. KYC, AML, PEP, and more recently KYT (Know Your Transaction) have made it imperative for Private Banking and Wealth Management to modernise through digitalisation and automation enabling growth and scalability, whilst navigating complex regulatory requirements. Operational scalability is key in times of big data. The best platform is not the one that can collect the most data but can efficiently convert that data into actionable information.

Digital technologies providing clients with a successful platform-based solution must fulfil multiple requirements:

  • Address customer needs and map products accordingly
  • Best-in-class components offered by the Private Bank
  • State of the art solution scalability
  • Open API capability to ease connectivity between vendors and applications
  • Slick user interface providing ease of use with no communication breaks.

Digital platforms have become a key requirement but it’s knowing what strategy is right for you.

We provide technology consulting and implementation services to support digital transformation of Private Banking & Wealth Management firms by combining deep domain expertise with intelligent automation capabilities. Ripping out legacy systems is risky and expensive, our approach is different. We use ‘Intelligent Glue’ to connect and enhance existing systems & data to deliver an immediate return. We implement at speed – our golden rule is that implementations must be live and start to add value in 90 days.

We consult with and advise our clients on proposition development, client service, and business improvement using cutting-edge technology, with risk control and corporate governance. We provide a “digital skin” with AI, Automation, and RPA to give you a “best in breed” customised solution.

psKINETIC will allow you and your client base to be in the pole position to have a sustainable and flexible business model.

Our Expertise

Rapidly changing compliance rules mean manual processes aren’t practical or reliable. We help clients automate processes such as client due diligence to mitigate risks and be agile enough to fulfil future obligations.

Our intelligent glue helps you design the right journey for your business, achieving digital first process automation.

Keep a competitive edge with our three-pillar approach to operational excellence focusing on people, process and automation.

Transparent and accurate ESG data reporting through automation, enabling you to comply with the changing regulatory landscape both now and in the future.


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