Fund Document Automation
Fund Document Automation

The Problem

Fund document automation is not just a cost-reduction exercise, as the objective is to increase the speed-to-market of investment products across public and private capital markets. The solution is fully integrated as part of our product lifecycle management framework to optimise process efficiency and avoid the repetitive nature of fund document creation by centralising data and document management. Fund Document Automation is also available as a stand-alone solution.

Key metadata can be pulled automatically from the product design template to autofill sections of the document and replace dynamic variables with the correct information. The solution provides complete transparency in the process of document creation and allows for collaboration through multiple iterations, changes, edits, and redlining. Legal and compliance teams have access to version history and a complete audit trail of each document from creation to final approval.

The solution builds a comprehensive clause library which maps to the type of document, asset class, domicile, and fund structure. Clauses can be edited and batch-updated if required, so only the latest versions of legal terms are available. The solution allows for free text if special terms are required for an SMA or private or institutional client.

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Our Fund Document Automation Solution

Fund Document Automation (FDA) centralises, automates and manages all fund and product documents. The solution orchestrates the workflows, giving the legal and compliance teams complete visibility of the process and assigning tasks to take a document from a template through to a completed document ready for approval.

The FDA solution automates the creation for typical fund documentation:

• Fund Prospectus
• Fund Supplements
• Fact Sheet
• SFDR (Disclosures)
• Annual document reviews and change

It offers a host of functions that can automate 90% of the processes and can reduce costs by as much as 20-30%.

This includes:
• Fully customisable to your process and product design templates
• Build a comprehensive clause library for your essential fund legal documents
• Audit history of edits and approvals for clauses, documents and templates
• Dashboards and reporting on system usage, SLA adherence and task review
• Unique questionnaires automatically created for templates and broken down into manageable sections.
• Define editing permissions for clause creation, updates, and changes for maximum security.


The tool is intuitive and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Centralises data and documents

Orchestrate annual review process ensuring compliance and product governance

Optimise and increase product speed to market

Reduce costs by as much as 20-30%

Simplifies the process and ease to completing updates to documentation

Collaborate with areas of the business and external service providers

Smart search functionality and document mapping

Full audit trail for compliance and meets highest standards of product governance

Ability to re-use data for downstream processes

Identify and resolve bottlenecks through dashboards reducing end to end process time.

Fund document automation plays a key role in a product lifecycle (PLM). It is available as a fully integrated PLM module or as a stand-alone solution for legal and compliance teams, product managers or marketing and distribution teams.


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