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Institutional Onboarding

The Problem

The LP/Investor Onboarding process is becoming more challenging: Firms have a growing number of investors drawn from different pools, and these investors are increasingly expecting ‘special treatment’ (consider side letters). The process is connected to Fund Setup (consider SMA or fund-of-one) and Deal Execution (consider mandate compliance). The capture of structured data from the Investor Onboarding process is often lacking and the regulatory/compliance landscape is evolving quickly (consider periodic KYC checks).

Delayed onboarding slows down AUM-growth and associated fees and will have a negative impact on the LP/Investor experience. Lastly, a long and complex process is costly, driving up external cost (e.g., legal) and driving up internal headcount. Operationally, your current solution is inhibiting scale.

Institutional Onboarding

We believe that return on technology comes from intelligently ‘gluing’ together your existing systems & processes.

Our Institutional Onboarding is built from the ground up to enable rapid configuration to fit with your processes and integrate with your existing systems, including 3rd party providers such as legal or fund administrator services.

It gives you a 360-view of the process pulled together into one solution: Providing senior leaders with dashboards and the team with smart workflow and task tracking across multiple functions, geographies and time zones.

The Business Case

We can help you digitise the full process and automate as much as 90% from start to finish, including:

  • Workflow & Data Automation
  • Document Automation
  • KYC/AML & Risk Assessment
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Self-Service Client Portal


The tool is intuitive and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Automate client data capture - integrate seamlessly with CRM and other applications

Dynamic KYC/AML risk scoring throughout the onboarding process

Customise to your process - connecting systems with Intelligent Glue

Automate & digitalize subscription document management

Manage document approval - centralise and improve key document sign off process

Side letter management & data capture

Comprehensive analytics and improved insights

Our Thoughts

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