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Blue Prism


Blue Prism’s Intelligent Automation platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide digital worker to take on mundane and repetitive tasks performed by people. The combination of a flexible, always on digital workforce paired with effective monitoring and growing library of connectors & integrations results in a highly effective technology.

Why we partner

Blue Prism is a scalable and proven automation platform and can be applied across the organisation delivering immediate value.
We use Blue Prism for a number of use cases to transform manual processes where data needs to be moved across different systems that have limited or no integration capabilities, improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

Integrate with Anything

The power to integrate with any system, with or without APIs

Digital Workers

Robots to replicate the actions of humans does

Advanced Automation

Exploit AI & ML to support automated decision making


Extension of RPA with AI Technologies

Builds on from Robotic Process Automation with an extension of features including assisted and unassisted bots.

Machine Learning

The use and development of computer systems that are able to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions.

Natural Language Processing

The application of computer software that possess the ability to understand text and spoken words in such a way that humans can.

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