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Deal Due Diligence

The Problem

Every firm has unique investment and financing strategies. Siloed structures concentrate pockets of expertise, giving firms limited flexibility to manage excess workloads. Many routine processes include multiple handoffs that require manual intervention, often exacerbated by fragmented technology and software solutions that hinder coordination and interoperability.

At the core of Deal Due Diligence is a multi-staged, gated investment approval process controlled by the Investment Committee. Each stage made up of a myriad of sub-processes from financial modelling and the various layers of due diligence through to the 100-day operating plan. Driving a deal towards a successful outcome requires a combination of great investment acumen with a complex, often confidential, logistics operation.

Deal Due Diligence

The Deal Due Diligence Platform is not an off-the-shelf solution, but a highly configurable platform tailored to your processes. We support you by tailoring the solution to your specific own approval process (variable by fund); your specific approach to due diligence, mandate compliance and working with co-investors.

The result? A Platform that enables deal do-ers to live within for all their deal making needs and you’ll own all the IP (your data, your own individual processes).


reduction in admin tasks

reduction in manual tasks

process compliance

speed and scalability


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