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Unqork is the first unified no-code platform to build enterprise-grade applications on one platform without having to write a line of code, removing the development challenges associated with a traditional code-based approach including a big focus on eradicating legacy code technical debt

Why we partner

Unqork has built an effective no-code platform which is developed from the ground up to address the specific challenges of the financial services industry. The ability to leverage the no-code fundamentals to provide quick build opportunities and minimal maintenance alongside streamlined connectors has proved a valuable technology for many of our customers.

Rapid Development

Build complex applications at speed using a visual UI

Financial Services Focus

A strong focus on innovation in solutions for asset management and private capital organisations

Enterprise-grade technology

Industry best practice to handle your business-critical processes and data


Accelerate time-to-market

Build complex applications at least 3x faster than code/low-code solutions (applies to updates, too)

Eliminate legacy code

Completely separate application logic & behaviour from its codebase; free yourself from compounding tech debt

Lower costs

Achieve 3x savings on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to a code/low-code based approach

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