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Asset Management

What We Do

We are a specialist solution provider of intelligent automation solutions supporting global asset managers to digitally transform their businesses across the front, middle and back-office. Deep domain expertise across both public and private & real asset markets. Our mission is to accelerate business value by supporting clients to maximise Return-on-Automation projects & build their strategic IP within 90-days.


Supporting digital transformation projects through a combination of technology consulting and full implementation services.

System Integration

We combine deep domain expertise and understand the business challenges faced by the front, middle and back-office with intelligent automation (IA) and intelligent document processing (IDP) capabilities.

Intelligent Glue

Our philosophy is to work with clients existing infrastructure, connecting systems & data to deliver automation solutions that deliver genuine results and change.


Our mission is to accelerate business value by delivering and implementing solutions within 90 days.

How We Work

Our dedicated team has extensive experience combining deep domain expertise with intelligent automation capabilities, successfully implementing data and automation projects. We aim to deliver working solutions to projects within 90-Days

Domain Expertise

Supporting clients – our dedicated specialist team has extensive knowledge and experience in asset and wealth management and the private capital markets.

Automation Assessment

We carry out a full automation assessment to identify the priority areas of the business and the automation opportunities to ensure that they are correctly aligned to the core business strategy and the target operating model of the enterprise.

Data Strategy

We help to identify data requirements, extraction, cataloguing, storage, and governance required for the implementation of a successful data strategy. Typically, 80% of data is unstructured our engineers use technologies such as OCR, NLP, ML and NER for intelligent document processing, classification, and entity recognition for optimal outcomes.

Technology, Tools & Architecture

Supporting multiple applications - improving user experience and enabling faster solution implementation

Bespoke Solution Design

One size doesn’t fit all – our solutions are designed recognising businesses are unique.

Agile Delivery

Customer-centric - simplifying process decisions around incremental and iterative solution delivery.

Benefits & Outcomes of Intelligent Automation

Harnessing the tools, expertise, and infrastructure needed to turn data into actionable insights that drive growth.

Optimise Data-Driven Insights

Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce Operational Risk

Enhance Client Experience

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Our Expertise

Alternative Asset Management

We provide technology consulting and implementation services to support digital transformation of Alts & Private Capital firms – from technology road map, solution design & implementation to ongoing support.

Private Banking and Wealth Management

We consult with and advise our clients on proposition development, client service, and business improvement using cutting-edge technology, providing a “digital skin” with AI, Automation, and RPA to give you a “best in breed” customised solution.

How We Think

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Case Studies

Private Equity

The Client: Private Equity with over $50bn AUM

The Problem: Identify and address the multiple processes that fall outside or between the COTS software in use, leading to business inefficiencies and holding back scalability.

The Solution: A rapid assessment enabled a full understanding of the client’s pain points and identification of several business-critical user cases, including the complex, multi-stakeholder new deal and fund allocation process.

The Outcome: Immediate benefit from the improved process orchestration, task management whilst enabling scalability.

Private Credit

The Client: Private Credit with over $20bn AUM.

The Problem: Labour-intensive, manual NDA and restricted list processes created compliance risk and slowed decision making.

The Solution: Initial Automation Assessment including workshops, interviews, and requirement gathering from end-users. Followed by the implementation of an Appian case management solution plus integration with the firm’s Azure database, allowing for full control of their data.

The Outcome: Our solution gave the firm complete control and confidence in their pre-trade compliance process, whilst considerably speeding up trade execution.

Renewable Assets

The Client: Large renewables fund.

The Problem: Rapid growth demands better asset monitoring and supplier management.

The Solution: TOM consulting, In-depth requirements gathering via workshops, interviews, and analysis of existing systems.  Design of solution based on MS Azure/PowerApps.  

The Outcome: High-quality system design co-created with the customer; high degree of buy-in from all stakeholders.

Data Warehouse & Reporting

The Client: Global specialist alternative assets and commodity investor & trader.

The Problem: Missing ‘one source of truth’ for senior management across multiple asset classes/business areas.

The Solution: After initial data assessment and requirements gathering, an MS Azure data warehouse ingesting data from multiple external and internal sources was implemented with reporting in PowerBI.

The Outcome: Real-time reporting for CEO and leadership team with confidence in data sources and data definitions.

Managed Service

The Client: Global Private Capital manager with over $100bn AUM.

The Problem: Number of Appian BPM applications requiring ongoing support and minor change to provide service to deal teams.

 The Solution: Managed Service combining engineering support for maintenance, minor change, including test-based automation.

The Outcome: Swift response to user support and feedback based on SLAs.

Deal sourcing / data science

The Client: Multi-geography and sector private equity, over $30bn AUM.

The Problem: Supporting the investment team by leveraging data science to improve the sourcing of new deals and bolt-on acquisitions.

 The Solution: Data scientist team worked alongside the client’s team to design and implement sourcing tool.

The Outcome: Better analytics for the deal to create a market-leading competitive edge; the beginning of a machine learning strategy.