Core Themes 2022 report
Asset Management
Core Themes 2022 report
Asset Management
The core themes and challenges for 2022
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Core Themes 2022 report
Is your data ready for Digital Transformation?
Our latest insight article covers five important factors to check when considering implementing a digital transformation plan.

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Global asset managers are harnessing the tools, expertise, and infrastructure needed to turn data into actionable insights that can drive growth in investments and their investor base.

Client expectations are also changing in line with the increased digitisation of global commerce requiring asset managers to deliver greater transparency, faster transaction speeds, and seamless low-touch digital solutions.

Concerns over climate change and ESG have seen investors move towards sustainable investment strategies. At the same time, alternative or real assets have also increased in prominence increasing the demands and access to new sources of data and systems.

Leadership teams must re-think their target operating models and implement a digital transformation strategy to capitalize on new data-driven opportunities and ensure future business growth. A successful DX strategy should provide the foundations of a lean and agile management structure delivering operational excellence.

Digital process automation should be a key component of the change program with use cases across the front, middle and back-office functions. Automating otherwise manually intensive tasks is operationally efficient and results in cost reduction, increased employee and client experience as well as reducing the operational across the organisation.

How we work with clients
To succeed you need to get more out of your technology, quicker. The pace of change is accelerating. You need better processes and better data to capitalise on new opportunities while dealing with increasing complexity, compliance, and competition.

We provide technology consulting and implementation services to support digital transformation of Asset Management firms by combining deep domain expertise with intelligent automation capabilities. Ripping out legacy systems is risky and expensive, our approach is different. We use ‘Intelligent Glue’ to connect and enhance existing systems & data to deliver an immediate return. We implement at speed – our golden rule is that implementations must be live and start to add value in 90 days.

Our ethos is simple, we enable the success of people through intelligent automation.

Our Expertise

Sustainable Finance

Data providers have different methodologies for rating companies and often an entities ESG rating can differ from one provider to the next. Extracting the ESG data and placing it into a data warehouse allows for harmonisation of the ESG inputs. Research analysts can then analyse companies for sustainability based on internal best practices. Investors are increasingly looking at segregated investment mandates based on ESG, the complexities can be handled by automated workflow and intelligent automation techniques.

Real Assets

Our expertise also lies in our deep understanding of the alternative investment or private capital markets. We have extensive experience of working with some of the world’s leading Private Equity, Private Debt and Renewables companies to develop innovative solutions for the deal teams and enterprise-wide digital transformation projects. Infrastructure and Real Estate are also areas where intelligent automation and digital transformation initiatives will play an important role in financing and valuations of investment portfolios.


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