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Appian is the recognized global leader across multiple enterprise technology markets, including low-code application development, digital process automation (DPA), intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), and dynamic case management (DCM).

Why we partner

Appian is the complete automation platform combining business process management and workflow, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, intelligent document processing, case management and decision rules. All delivered through an enterprise grade SaaS platform.

As an industry leading platform in low code Appian has allowed to rapidly implement business critical solutions for our customers.

Low-code Development

Build applications 10x faster and reduce maintenance costs by 50%

Low Code Data

Seamlessly integrates into all your business data sources

Enterprise Grade

Best in class availability and security


Fully comprehensive hyperautomation technology

The most complete and versatile selection of technologies available.
Customisable to your business requirements.

Orchestrated use of multiple technologies

Utilising Intelligent Glue to ‘stick’ together the various processes and solutions that your organisation requires, including workflow and tests, rule based decisions, bots and more.

User friendly easy to
use interface

The low code/no code user interface creates a clean, easy to navigate dashboard to manage
and monitor your processes.

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