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Cash Receipt Allocation

The Problem

Wealth Management companies must transact and process millions in multi-currency denominations weekly, this process is generally handled through data files from banks with complex manual processes utilising excel spreadsheets with large numbers of formulas to process cash receipt allocation. This process is of critical importance for compliance and reputation to Wealth Management companies and are prone to error with teams having to complete these tasks manually. We understand it is becoming increasingly frustrating to have entire teams of people manually analyse and assign these transactions to the correct investment or account.

We have created a simple two-page document that breaks down some of the key pain points that are commonly found within cash receipt allocation and offer an in-depth analysis of how intelligent automation can provide a solution.

Our Blue Prism
Cash Receipt Allocation Solution

The Cash Receipt Allocation accelerator will completely automate the process utilising the digital workers and Blue Prism interact solution to provide a 360 end-to-end automated process.

We will partner with you to define, implement, and support the solution, with the added benefit of training your tech teams during development and delivery to allow you to become self-sufficient. We will also provide a managed service support model post implementation to make sure that your digital transformation journey is hitting the key process areas and allowing your teams to focus on their core responsibilities and allowing you to grow your organisation with effective intelligent, digital workers automation.

We will also work with you to help train and enable your tech teams and citizen developers to create their own CoE with the view of being able to handle their own first and second-line requirements and app build in the future.


Efficiency and improvement

Faster, better decision making

Robust reporting

Treasury & cash management


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