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Appian Cash Receipt Allocation Solution

We have worked with a variety of companies withing the Wealth Management sector. During this time, we have discovered that often, no two-use case is the same. Understanding that different automation packages can provide different features and tools to simplify and automate your process is very important.

The Solution

We provide a use intelligent automation accelerator. A solution that is applicable to organisations who already use Appian or are looking to implement the technology for the first time.

The Appian Cash Receipt Accelerator is a fully comprehensive Hyperautomation solution.  By selecting our Appian solution, we can offer the full scale of the intelligent automation platform technology available.

Key features of the Appian accelerator include standard issue technology such as rule-based decision-making systems, assisted/unassisted bots and a bot manager. However, with our Hyperautomation solution, you are also granted access to some cutting-edge technologies and services. This includes low code/no-code applications, case management, application data and integration and a powerful user experience.

Our automation experts partner with you to define and implement this solution within your organisation. Our team works to help train your team to identify and implement further automation initiatives.



Efficiency and improvement

Faster, better decision making

Robust reporting

Treasury & cash management

Full end to end solution with workflow & reporting capability

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