Pit crew members at pit stop
Claims Fulfilment
Delivering Value Across Insurance
Pit crew members at pit stop
Claims Fulfilment
Delivering Value Across Insurance
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Connect People, Process And Data

Better claims processing is a business imperative. Across all claims processing, delivering a personalised experience is the key objective. Providing customised claims management, with a focus on digital first, requires agility and accuracy. However, claims teams are often challenged with managing multiple systems, slowing down the claims process, and increasing the potential for inaccurate decision making, fraud, or losing customers by not meeting service expectations.

Modern claims administration systems are designed to follow a claim from initiation to payment, closure and reporting, to create an optimised end-to-end solution that reduces risk, cost and improves organisational agility.

A number of solutions fall short. The one size fits all approach leaves gaps that insurers close through manual work arounds, leaving custom digital features on future roadmaps 24+ months into the future. 

Insurers need a solution that automates manual task enabling them to manage their claims processes, mitigate claims leakage, increase productivity and efficiency, and provide superior customer service throughout the claims experience.

Demo use case video

93% reduction in admin tasks

Milestone tracking and automated instruction

75% reduction in processing time

Connecting all stakeholders, streamlining the claims process

Increasing speed and scalability

100% technology driven claims fulfilment

From 2 days to 1 hour

Working smarter to deliver an impressive customer experience

Improve Transparency And Efficiency Through Automating Claims

Insurers need a 360-degree view of each claim in an actionable dashboard of data from all claims systems, policy systems and 3rd party applications. Our solution gathers information from multiple legacy systems, displaying the full claim in an optimised manner to claims teams.

Automating repetitive or manual processes improves operational efficiency, mitigates fraud risk, reduces cycle times, and increases customer satisfaction.

Our solution can integrate with Duck Creek and Guidewire to help maximise major investments from insurers and create highly customisable claims solutions. Accelerate your claims fulfilment in 90 days to:

    • Unify claims systems and data without migration.
    • Optimize claims handling with intelligent automation.
    • Dramatically reduce time and cost to implement.



Accelerate your digital claims journey in 90 days

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