Pit crew members at pit stop
Intelligent Onboarding
Automating Onboarding To Accelerate Scale And Growth
Pit crew members at pit stop
Intelligent Onboarding
Automating Onboarding To Accelerate Scale And Growth
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Connect People, Process And Data

Onboarding is complex, risky and unacceptably slow – often taking months to onboard new clients. Changing regulations and audit processes add to the complexity, causing significant disruption to internal operations.

Traditional legacy software and manual processes reliant on spreadsheets and email are not sufficient to address the high risk of non-compliance and loss of revenue and are unable to meet client expectations. What is needed is a solution that streamlines onboarding, accelerates time to revenue, and empowers business users with complete control of the onboarding journey.

Our flexible solution takes the risk out of onboarding, automating manual processes, increasing process transparency and speed to market and providing business users with visibility and control over their customer’s onboarding journey.

It’s Time To Put Intelligence Into Onboarding

93% reduction in admin tasks

Reduce time to onboard to minutes.

95% process compliance

Fully auditable compliance trails.

Increasing speed and scalability

100% technology driven

From 2 days to 1 hour

Working smarter to deliver an impressive customer experience

Improve Visability And Control

Forward-thinking organisations are automating onboarding. Spanning from information capture, identification, verification, and ongoing compliance checks, the result is a transparant, streamlined process providing exceptional customer experience.

Accelerate your onboarding in 90 days.

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Merchant front end

Portal Back End

Full automation and approval, no human intervention

Portal Back End

Needs manual approval


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