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    Connie Moor
    ~ Forrester Consulting
    “The company [psKINETIC] is a 'Game Changer'.”

    The Finance and Insurance industries are undergoing significant regulatory and technological changes.

    psKINETIC can help you leverage Appian to streamline your business operations, improve client satisfaction and ensure you are able to manage risk and have real-time metrics and reports to hand.

    We are experts in using Appian to orchestrate processes and integrate with legacy systems.  We have also helped clients successfully combined RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with Appian and we are a vanguard in leveraging AI and Machine Learning using Appian.

    How can we help you?
    - Rapid applications or enhancement of existing solutions
    - Integration with legacy systems, including the use of RPA
    - Improving user experience
    - Support with Appian upgrades (move to Tempo if you are still on Portal)
    - On-going application support/L2
    - Infrastructure consultancy and on-going support (we have extensive Appian on-prem experience)
    Example Customers