Global Appian Solution for Field Operations and Middle Office


The client provides claims management and administrative solutions servicing clients across a global network of more than 70 countries.

Data was manually captured in the field by brokers and loss adjusters and then re-keyed into local systems. These manual processes and the multitude of local claims management systems created a barrier to scaling.

The client had decided to deploy Appian globally to act as a centralised case management solution. However, they didn’t have a solution that allowed them to collect data in the field and sync the update into the central solution.


psKINETIC brought our deep expertise in developing and managing enterprise Appian solutions through:

  • Segmenting the architecture into mobile, in-take and core case management elements. This allowed flexibility for one part of the architecture to change without impacting connected components.
  • Designing and developing the mobile and in-take module so that it could be adapted to local needs.
  • Rapid prototyping of the mobile App to provide a user experience that could work globally.
  • Managing the project implementation using psKINETIC’s distributed agile framework – business teams were based in the US & Australia, technical teams were based in the US, UK & India.
  • Use of psKINETIC’s DevOps best practice to provide a controlled process of future change to the solution.


An end-to-end solution from data capture in the field, to in-take with a central case management solution. The solution removed the need for manual data capture in the field and the associated re-keying of data.

The mobile app was developed and deployed to the first country in less than 4 weeks.

The solution delivered within an Appian architecture allowed flexibility for change across its components.