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Today’s operating environment is tricky: How disruptive will future waves of C-19 be?  What are customers expecting?  Regulators demanding?  Competition doing?  One thing is clear: Without continued automation and digital transformation to improve customer experience and reduce cost/risk, the future will indeed be perilous.

How to achieve results? Your board is demanding immediate outcomes.  Budgets are tight.  Software guys want to sell you a new shiny solution.  Sounds familiar?

Our view is that – in most cases – ripping out legacy systems is not the path to success:  It takes too long to realise benefits and it’s simply too risky.  We believe the answer is Intelligent Glue: Leveraging smart tools to connect and enhance existing systems combined with ruthless and disciplined business analysis and implementation.

Minimize risk of failure?  Don’t start from scratch, augment what you have

IT implementations are notorious for cost over-runs and failure to deliver benefits.  According to Gartner, the bigger the project – the greater the risk of failure:  analysis showed that projects with budgets over $1M have a 50% higher failure rate then projects with budgets below $350,000.

The days of large monolithic software solutions that manage every aspect of the enterprise are dead – by the time it’s implemented it is legacy already.  The future is likely to be an “ecosystem of technologies enabling end-to-end automation” (Gartner), based on “combination of tools and methods” (EY) with focus “shifting to rapid iterations” (Accenture).

The answer:  First look to glue existing systems and processes together, collect tactical benefits and better data; then start planning step-by-step how to replace or improve legacy functionality in the existing system or plug in smart web services or nimble software apps.

Minimize risk of failure?  The problem is seldom Tech but People & Project Management 

According to IMB System Magazine, there are five areas influencing project failure or success: project management 54%, business 21%, people 14%, methodology 8% and technicality only 3%. This clearly indicates the importance of project management.

Core to the ‘don’t rip out…connect & enhance’ approach is disciplined business analysis and disciplined project management.  There is a risk of missing the basic in the excitement of agile development and speedy low-code.  An external Business Analyst, combining process and data focus, can help understand and challenge the existing landscape and capabilities without the burden of historical decisions and internal politics.  Whilst not ‘cool’, making incremental improvements to existing processes and systems is likely to deliver high return/low risk.

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For over 10 years has delivered intelligent automation to customers ranging from large multinationals to mid-size enterprises.  We use a number of leading automation and reporting tools, including, and PowerBI.  Our headquarter is in London and we have a team in India.