Multinational Financial Services Company


The client is a multinational financial services company. They were running business critical human capital processes operated by teams from the USA, India and UK. Each of these teams were using separate solutions to operate their processes.

psKINETIC conducted a review of the operation and found inefficiencies in their processes impacting data quality resulting in compliance risks. As part of this review psKINETIC set out a case management solution for a single global digital solution.


psKINETIC implemented a case management solution in Appian and a Citrix solution providing a secure requirement for the client team to work within. The solution provided several key features:

  • Highly secure solution to meet compliance requirements
  • Single solution to be used across all geographies
  • Business processes implemented through automated and ad-hoc workflows
  • Automated and real time reporting
  • Data migration from legacy solutions keeping a consistent view of historical data



  • Fully automated solution – removal of manual ad-hoc reporting processes
  • 20% productivity improvement by removing unnecessary processes
  • Single way of working for all team members irrespective of region
  • Secure and compliant solution