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Private Banking & Wealth Management | Operational Excellence

PBWM clients have been using multiple initiatives and strategies to improve operational excellence. The focus, on people, process, and automation to provide differentiation in a highly competitive growing market.

We assist our clients with:

  • Cost base optimisation
  • Technology solution selection
  • Target operating model design
  • Proposition development


To achieve operational excellence, we focus on 3 pillars:

  • Excellence Principles – provide strategic guidance to the PDWM team to improve development and management from an operational perspective
  • Key Stakeholders – Views must be considered to ensure a balance between diverging strategic and operational targets, as well as front and back-office functions.
  • Building Blocks – cover all operational areas ensuring the framework comprehensiveness


Operational effectiveness affects all parts of the business and involves major and critical change. C-level and key stakeholder buy-in is key to program success.

Implementation Approach

With over 10 years’ experience working with some of the most notable and largest FS clients globally, we have defined a highly effective approach to working with our clients to help them achieve their operational excellence:

Strategic Review (Discovery) – define the client’s goals, assess the current setup, and process maps and align future operational roadmaps to support the overall vision.

Target Operating Design (TOM) – design and layout a detailed map of the clients current and future operations and identify key areas where change can be implemented to improve efficiencies and achieve the required targets.

Roadmap and Implementation – Assist the client to identify and define the key areas of the project, review operational change requirements, and define new capabilities and automations to achieve success.

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