Intelligent Glue: Intelligent Automation

Private Banking & Wealth Management | Digitisation

We support our clients to put digital at the centre of their propositions. By utilising our teams’ extensive expertise on operational process efficiencies and automation technologies, we help improve processes, client management, and customer journeys.

Our specialisms include:

  • Advice and support on digital strategy
  • Creating digital-first cultures
  • Building lasting fintech partnerships
  • Delivering end to end digital projects
    • Client portals
    • Client management lifecycle
    • Middle & back-office process management
    • On-boarding
    • Intelligent document management

Understanding Your Needs

Our team have been advisers and PBWM managers, so we understand the needs of the PBWM client.

This allows us to understand the inefficiencies of manual processes and the risk of error, to design the right digitisation journey – improving their client relationships and retention to create greater ROI.

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