Covid-19: You have probably gone through the first phase of implementing homeworking, etc. Now attention has to turn to BAU…but in the context of social distancing and potential waves of the pandemic. Large-scale programmes have probably been deferred; now you need to focus on quick wins and tactical automation to better support your staff, your customers and ultimately you bottom line. Please contact us if you would like to hear about remote implementation of AI-supported automation in less than 4 weeks.

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A period of rapid change, coupled by price volatility, heightened client expectations and additional regulatory augmentation has increased pressures on margins. Automating processes and intelligently gluing disparate legacy software within client lifecycle management 

  • Ripping out legacy systems is risky and expensive…our approach is different
  • We use ‘Intelligent Glue’ to connect and enhance existing systems & data to deliver immediate return
  • We help customers embed powerful AI into existing processes

Drive Retention / Cross-Selling

Understand you customers by connecting multiple systems, use the rich data in your current systems – and add AI and automation to drive additional revenue.

Connect Front-Middle-Back Office

Glue together existing systems: Capture better data to drive top line, reduce cost of semi-manual processes, eliminate error, better control.

Embed AI into existing processes and systems

Your staff are making 10,000+ decisions every week – we can infuse AI into existing processes and kick off machine learning; within days or weeks of training, the algorithm will deliver value.

Speedier KYC & Customer Onboarding

Don’t let ever-changing KYC slow down customer acquisition. By gluing together existing systems you can reduce time, manual work & you can monitor success.

Data: Don’t just talk about it

The problem is never the BI tool…the problem is getting to the data and taking action. Don’t rip out, extract rich data from your legacy systems, embed automated data collection and trigger action.

Lower Cost of Compliance

You don’t need a GRC point solution. Connect and enhance existing to reduce cost, ensure consistent processes, audit control and speedy reporting.

Asset Management: Automate or Die?

Don’t give in to upstart FinTech! Don’t rip out existing systems – connect and enhance legacy to drive UX and combine your hard-won experience with new, powerful AI to drive cost and deliver analytics.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can connect ‘unconnectable’ systems…yes including mainframes/green screens…and remove repetitive tasks.

More Effective (and Smaller) Call Centre

You could spend 18 months implementing a new shiny, omni-channel solution…or you could combine existing systems with the most powerful algorithms and general results in 3 months.

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AI and Successful Automation

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