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Pit crew members at pit stop
Capital Markets
The Goldman Memoirs -
Under the hood of one of the most prestigious investment banks in the world...from one of their own
Pit crew members at pit stop

Capital Markets

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To succeed you need to get more out of your technology, quicker. The pace of change is accelerating. You need better processes and better data to capitalise on new opportunities while dealing with increasing complexity, compliance and competition.

We combine deep domain expertise with intelligent automation capabilities. Ripping out legacy systems is risky and expensive – our approach is different: We use ‘Intelligent Glue’ to connect and enhance existing systems & data to deliver immediate return. We implement at speed – up and running in 90 days.

Our ethos is simple, we enable the success of people through intelligent automation.

Our Expertise

Rapid growth, complex instruments and myriad of systems and ‘excel processes’ is making scaling hard – whether investment monitoring or compliance. We help streamline and automate processes while delivering the data you need to succeed.

Asset Management

Digital transformation in traditional asset management is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Increase operational efficiency and deliver front-line cost reductions through intelligent automation across the front, middle and back-office functions.

Rapidly changing markets, new products, including renewables, is making it hard for existing systems to keep up. We help glue the system landscape together to deliver better data and risk management.

Investment Banking

Trading, Risk Management, Transaction Processing, Finance and Compliance are all areas of your business that will benefit from intelligent automation initiatives. Our intelligent glue uses your existing IT infrastructure to automate manual processes and deliver value in 90-days.

Poorly connected legacy systems and hard to control manual work-arounds is driving up cost, making compliance hard and agility impossible. We connect and enhance existing systems to streamline and automate processes and data collection.

Wealth Management

Data privacy and compliance across multiple jurisdictions are just some of the challenges faced by global wealth managers. Intelligent automation uses a rules-based approach and AI to automate workflows across the enterprise and deliver a first-class client experience.

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Capital Markets

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