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Claims Management
Solution for management of pre-authorisation of claims using algorithms and online expert panel.
Case Management
End to end case management solution, including online referral and network management.
Mobile Solution for Field Staff
With our solution, MiHomecare delivers more efficient, outcome focussed care in the home
Case Management
Comprehensive platform delivering solutions for return to work, rehab and mental health programmes.
Mobile App
Circle rolled out our solution for its Bedford MSK contract in less than 5 weeks for better tracking of health outcomes.
Mobile App
Deliver safer and better care by using mobile devices in the field, real-time access to care plans and better capture of health outcomes.
Claims Management
Improved efficiency and profitability of the global claims service by implementing mobile apps and a new, global intake system
Occupational Health & Wellbeing
Full OH solution including management referral, absence management and health surveillance.
Process Automation
Highly automated referral management, including automated triage 'engine' and integration with multiple systems.
Network Management
Online 'smart' directory and service request platform for organisations in the employment and skills sector.
Outcomes Management
Health outcomes and productivity management for Reablement programme in Walsall.
Outcomes Management
Health outcomes and productivity management for Reablement programme in Solihull.
Health Screening
Online new employee screening tool to improve speed and consistency of health screening.
Patient Management Services
Helping deliver a new and innovative patient service to the NHS.
Patient Management & Drug Adherence
Working in partnership with Janssen to deliver innovative solutions for patient adherence.
Forensic & Medical Services
Helping G4S deliver medical and clinical forensic services to the Police in England.
Self-Service Health Assessment
Online screening tool to improve the speed and consistency of health screening.
Home Healthcare
Flexible patient pathway and outcomes management.
Health Screening
Comprehensive health screening solution, includes contract management, booking, assessment and reporting that is seamlessly integrated using HL7 with other BMI systems.
DWP National Contract
Case management solution to ensure effective delivery of Access to Work Mental Health support for DWP.