Asset Management Series – Accelerating Business Value With Automation

Many reports are focusing on the future of Asset Management and conclude that firms should continue to focus on building scale with an eye on outsourcing and implementing new technology. Cost reduction initiatives should include a clear reinvestment strategy, leading firms to increase their investments in automation and intelligent operations.

Regardless of the product mix, operating models should flex and be fit-for-purpose. Globally consistent operating models that promote automation and scale are a must-have. Intelligent investment operations can create a best-of-breed innovation technology engine and deliver value-generating, customer-centric processes.

Automation and artificial intelligence will proliferate, as fund managers look for tools and technologies to enhance digital channels and improve the investor experience – such as collaboration tools to better connect employees to clients, each other and the enterprise. Mid-office and back-office processes – regulatory, trading execution, treasury, finance, risk and compliance, for example – will be reimagined and redesigned in order to enable the future business and operating models.

The pros of Intelligent automation far outweigh the cons. The evidence and thought leadership point to the business imperative for asset managers to use technology and data infrastructure to achieve scale, automation and cost reduction. Our principle is to accelerate business value across the value chain from the front, middle and back-office to design and integrate bespoke solutions where they are needed.

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Automation & Digital Transformation In Asset Management

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