Pit crew members at pit stop
Leadership Team

We’re a diverse bunch of people, dedicated to finding great solutions for our clients.

We believe the team is stronger than the individual.

Executive Chairman
Ingolv T. Urnes

There are two aspects of psKINETIC of which I am incredibly proud; our intelligent process automation solutions and our awesome people. We love innovation, but what is most important for the team here are successful implementations that deliver real value – we call it return on automation. Our customers are living through the most exciting of times; technology provides new opportunities at a pace never seen before. We at psKINETIC are incredibly fortunate to be working with great organisations as both customers and partners to leverage new technologies and, learning together to solve new problems.

I’m a Norwegian who studied in Switzerland and then went on to work at Goldman Sachs in London, Frankfurt and New York. After a decade in finance, I became interested in how software was changing the world. In 2002, I started my first health tech business, Active Health Partners. My experience here helped me refine the two principles on which I went on to found this company in 2008; we want to be known for pushing process automation and for cultivating an exciting environment in which our awesome people can grow, learn and achieve great things.

Managing Director
Deepak Chandarana

I’ve been at the company since 2013 as Operations Director; it has been exciting to be part of a fast growing business delivering world class software solutions to our customers. Every day I enjoy being part of a creative team that is focused on working with our customers to design and deliver solutions that give them tangible value. Another important part of my job, and one of which I am very passionate, is guiding the professional development of the team, giving them opportunities to enhance and extend the breadth and depth of their skills. Prior to psKINETIC, I worked at Accenture and Ernst & Young shaping and delivering large scale transformations for FTSE 100 companies across industries such as healthcare, telecoms and utilities. I’ve worked in 20 countries with roles in project management, solution architecture, application development and service management for both packaged and customised solutions. I graduated from King’s College London with a Masters in Computer Science.

Finance Director
Helen Wright

I’m Helen and I look after finance at psKINETIC. I came to psKINETIC from a background in financial control and management consultancy. That in turn now seems a long way from my languages degree at Cambridge. psKINETIC has ambitious growth plans and we therefore have an extensive and full finance agenda which keeps my team busy and very much at the sharp end of the business. It’s an impressive, challenging and enjoyable environment in which to work where everyone has a total commitment and passion to design and build the best solutions for our clients. Outside the office? I’m a big fan of the water as an ex rower now keen sailor. I run when I can, but nowadays am equally happy on the sidelines, cheering on the kids.

Capital Markets Lead
David Landi
I joined the company and lead the Capital Markets sector. I have worked for Tier 1 investment banks, including SBC Warburg in Switzerland, and UBS, where I worked as Global Head of Technical Strategy. I founded several systematic quant-based hedge funds and have worked with Fintech start-ups. I have experience of working with asset and wealth managers in digital transformation projects. I am passionate about technology and innovation, with particular expertise in AI and deep learning networks. I am a big Rugby fan outside of the office, having played for many years in the first division. I love the mountains and the beach and speak Italian and French fluently. I graduated from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester.
Head of Customer support
Emma Dyduch

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for nearly ten years and have experience in both Operations and Account Management. I was first introduced to psKINETIC as a customer and had an excellent experience using the software and working with the psKINETIC team from the other side. Now working for psKINETIC, I’m committed to ensuring our customers continue to receive the same high-level of service and gain the maximum potential from our solutions. I’ve continuously studied part-time alongside my career and have a BA in Business Studies from The Open University. In my spare time I love playing roller derby – a full contact sport on roller skates. I spend a lot of time training, competing and hopefully winning , with my team Croydon Roller Derby.

Head of Delivery
Kieran Mcdaid

I am responsible for the success of delivering customer projects at psKINETIC. From understanding our customers’ businesses and defining their requirements, to ensuring the solution gets delivered with the quality expected.

I joined in 2018 after six years with a national provider in the further education sector. Initially in strategic research and analysis but I found my passion in technology, progressing to manage the business analysis team.

I graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in mathematics. Outside of work I spend my time cycling on the North and South Downs when I’m not running after my kids

Head of Alternative Capital Markets
Alex Tyler

I’m Alex and I run the Alternative Asset Management business at psKINETIC. Previously, I worked in med-tech for a leading blue-chip innovator, specifically within the field of Electrophysiology, whereby I helped consultant Cardiologist’s improve patient outcomes and grow their business’. I graduated from The University of Sheffield with a BSc hons. in Molecular Biology. 

Outside of work I run my own small US equity focused, long only fund – trading in the liquid markets is a passion of mine after hours. I am also a huge sports and football fan – Liverpool FC is my pride and joy, I never miss a match! If I’m not watching or playing sport, keeping active and healthy in the gym is another of my hobbies.  

People Director
Linda MacDonald

I’m Linda and I look after our people agenda here at psKINETIC. My role is all about making sure that we have the right capability in place to achieve our ambitious growth plans. That means making sure that we hire the best people to join our business and then providing them with the right development and coaching so that we can really accelerate their learning.

Prior to joining psKINETIC, I worked in a number of different senior HR roles in retail, FMCG, banking and private equity. I joined psKINETIC because my professional passion is all about helping people to achieve their full potential and that’s something that there is a real commitment to here. psKINETIC people are exceptionally talented and committed – we have super high expectations of our people but it’s also a supportive and fun place to work.

Outside of work, I love to run so I am usually trying to fit in training for a 10k or a half marathon around the busy social lives of my young children! I also love reading – a throwback to my degree in English Literature from Durham.

Head of Engineering
Dave Bewick

My favourite thing about working for psKINETIC is the focus that’s put on the people and our development. The environment is also challenging and innovative, two things that I really love being a part of. I’m Dave. I run the Engineering team here and we’re a great bunch, I personally really enjoy thinking of new and quirky ideas to improve the team, whether it’s considering more efficient ways to collaborate within our design sessions or fun team bonding days out, the goal is always to improve.
I grew up in a small countryside village called Norton Lindsey, while I enjoyed the tranquillity from time to time I soon realised that a bustling, fast paced world was more for me. I eventually ended up in Waterloo. When I’m not in the office I like to think of myself as a bit of an adventurer, always finding new areas to explore with my flatmates. Either that or I’m geeking it up on my PlayStation.